Prefabricated concrete stairs are widely used in projects of industrial, publicand dwelling houses.

Factory's universal shuttering with changeable stair height and width make it possible to produce stairs in individual sizes.

Usually stairs are manufactured as separate precast elements of slab and platform. It is possible to order platform and slab as a complete element.

SIA "Skonto Prefab" provides production of different stair elements with the following parameters:

Waist slab:

Height of the step 150-190 mm
Depth of the step 250-300mm
Width of the step 1000-3000 mm
Number of steps 3-14

Staircase landing:

Stair width 1200-2000 mm
Stair length 2400-4000 mm
Stair height 200-280 mm

Special lifting loops are used for mounting of stair elements; they are delivered to client free of charge, added to delivery in orderto facilitate the work.